The marriage situation in Bulgaria is not going well.  According to Eurostat we are at the last place of conducted marriages in Europe in 2013 per person. 59 percent of the children are born outside of marriage. According to Gallup’s agency research big part of the young people consider as normal living together without getting marriage. 

Don’t you think that we can do something more about the marriage and family?

This year we were so amazed to see a huge media interest and a vast social support of the Marriage Week, including Sofia Orthodox Church, the Catholic, Protestant churches and the Jewish community.

We believe it is worthy each one of us to take part and contribute by giving, according to his/her ability, to see more healthy and successful marriages in our country!

In this regard, I invite you to join in with donation for the Marriage Week 7-14 February 2016. Our goal for MW 2016 is to encourage couples and to show the young people in our country that marriage is not out of date. For them to see that it is possible to have strong and stable marriages, founded on mutual love and commitment. To help married couples understand the importance of dedicating time for each other, to learn various skills and to deepen their relationships with each other.

This requires your help. If each of us gives it is possible to conduct this project. These funds are needed:                                                                                                           

  • To make attractive videos with young family couples, where they can share about their marriage
  • To gather wider public support for marriage
  • To encourage and support holding events in different places
  • To promote the MW initiative in media and social networks
  • To publish materials and to reach hundreds of couples by practical suggestions during MW (7-14 February), etc.

We encourage you to join, according your abilities, so we can raise 2,500 euros by the end of 2015.
You can make your donation by PayPal or bank transfer to Association Society and Values bank account below.

If you would like to participate as a partner of Marriage Week – 2016 by funding events for married couples or to organize an event during the week (7-14 February), please contact with us on [email protected]

Thank you for your giving and your support of marriage and family in Bulgaria.Association Society and Values
First Investment Bank

BG42FINV91501200027789 (BGN)

Bank address: 37, Dragan Tsankov Blvd. 
1797 Sofia, Bulgaria 

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